Dinosaurs vs. Robots

Using C# and Unity 3D, I created a third-person-shooter game where the player is a velociraptor trying to shoot robots with watermelons. The goal of the game is to destroy all 50 robots before the player either runs out of health or time is up. There are four power-ups available in the game, each providing the player with a special condition or upgrade. The tutorial page explains the game controls and potential power-ups.

Unfortunately, this game does not run as smoothly online as it does as an app. I'm working to find a better way to display Dinosaurs Vs Robots, but if you would like for me to email you the app, just let me know. I have the app in Mac, Windows, and Linux formats. If the game doesn't seem to fit on your screen, try playing at this link: https://simmer.io/@ajoy/dinosaurs-vs-robots-battle-rawr-al

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