Berlin Ethnography

I wrote an ethnography on technology behaviors in Berlin, Germany to challenge myself as a storyteller, user researcher, and observer. The paper is broken into different observation points such as trains, restaurants, and sidewalks. This project was completed over three months while I lived in Tempelhof, a neighborhood in Berlin.

Carolina Tiger Rescue Documentary

I created a short video documentary on Carolina Tiger Rescue as a videography and storytelling project. CTR is a fantastic organization and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to film on their grounds. I filmed, edited, and produced this documentary by myself using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Please consider donating to Carolina Tiger Rescue at

My Blog

I created a WordPress website where I post a variety of quick and playful content. My blog posts range from practical advice to stories about my life. There are even a few reviews and some research projects mixed in, although this blog generally maintains a casual tone.

My Writing Samples

I curated a group of writings from my time at UNC-Chapel Hill to demonstrate my creative writing, news writing, and academic writing skills. For the most recent and relevant academic writing, visit my Thesis Project page to see the work I've created within the past year at Duke University.

Clubs in Berlin Animated Video

I filmed, edited, and animated a casual, cheeky video about clubs in Berlin as an animation project. This video focuses mainly on my experiences living in Berlin in the summer of 2018 and was intended to be both playful and informative. The footage was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and animated in Adobe After Effects.

Web Development Projects

While learning interactive multimedia in the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Media and Journalism, I hard-coded a series of websites to accompany a few mini journalism research projects. These projects include a mock Washington Post article and a web app designed to help combat food waste. These sites were created solely by me using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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