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Epic Games 2021
My Work
Uncontrollable: A UX Design Proposal for a Hands-Free Gaming Accessibility Framework

Duke University Masters Thesis, 2021

Patent Pending

My thesis research offers a scientific yet deeply human approach to improving and expanding accessibility in modern video game controls.

Epic Games 2020

The goal of this project was to report upon and improve the usability of an Epic Games internal tool known as LaunchBox. My user experience interviews and design suggestions led to improvements in navigation and button discoverability.

LaunchBox Usability Research

Epic Games, 2020

Viget Labs 2019

In this video (shot, edited and animated by me), I discuss the connection between well-executed game design and the important psychological states of flow and fiero. Good game design can help people achieve the joyful productivity that may be lacking in other parts of their life.

Games, Productivity & Happiness Animated Video


Piavita 2018

At Viget, I oversaw the UX research of social dining app Eat&Greet throughout its design, development and launch.

I conducted interviews and usability tests to create user-centered wireframes and guide UI decisions as well as researched and reported on competition.

Eat&Greet Product Research

Viget Labs, 2019


While working at Viget, I had the opportunity to take on a personal project -- one that I could work on alone in my spare time. I decided to research Goodreads and propose a redesign that could improve upon both the user experience and the branding.

Goodreads UX Project

Viget Labs, 2019

Tiger Rescue Documentary


This is a short documentary on the wildcat sanctuary Carolina Tiger Rescue. My goal was to show a glimpse into the life of the people and animals and inspire on-sight visits and donations. I filmed and edited this video as well as conducted all interviews with the rescue staff.

Anchor 1



What are you looking for professionally?

Full-time positions in UX Research roles.

Are you a graphic designer?


Where and what did you study?

Computational Media MA, Duke University

Media and Journalism BA, Interactive Multimedia Focus, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Are you willing to relocate?

Yes. Preferred locations are are Seattle, San Fransisco Bay Area, Austin, Dallas, and the Research Triangle (NC) but I am flexible.


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